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Working from Home:The Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson

by Ellie White On this, the 130th anniversary of her death, it seems fitting to offer a few thoughts on the life of one of the most influential poets in the English language, Emily Dickinson. Born December 10th, 1830, Emily … Continue reading

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Poet Jose Fonseca Reads El Paso Del Norte

El Paso del Norte Morning floods the desert valley with gold light. Submerged are sister cities, separated by a slush river that mucks the world in its waning dirty water. Bloated corpses rise up and float face down bobbing on … Continue reading

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Issue I Volume I Note from the Editor May 5th

I know that I am privileged to be in the position that I am.  As a writer myself I know how much can be at stake with a piece I have written. To have authors who have devoted time and … Continue reading

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