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Thank you to all contributors

Four Ties Lit Review Issue 5 Volume 1 5×8

Fiction: G Franklin Prue & Catherine Alexander
Non-Fiction: Mary Alinney Villacastin, Jay Hansford C Vest
Poetry: Shahé Mankerian, Andrea Nolan, Lana Bella
Art: W Jack Savage, Camille Kleinman

And Many More


Four Ties Lit Review Issue 4 Volume 1 and Four Ties Lit Review Issue 4 Volume 1 5×8  Feature the fiction, Art, Non-Fiction, and Poetry from Adam Rose, Jean Ryan,  Vanessa Christie, W. Jack Savage, Terry Barr, Donald Mitchell, Erin Wahl, Benajmin Goluboff, Jason Preu, and others.

Four Ties Lit Review Issue 3 Volume 1 FullScreen and  Four Ties Lit Review Issue 3 Volume 1 Reader  Features the work of Issue 3 Volume 1 Art, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry from; Laura Hughes, Susana Case, Sharon Wolfe, Clinton Inman, Amanda Buck, Lisa Zimmerman, Jerrod Schwarz, and others

Issue 2 Volume 1 features the work of Kristine McRae, Erin F. Robinson, and Paul Sacksteder

Issue 1Volume 2  features the work of Lisa Zimmerman, Ned Randle, and Jean Ryan.

Issue 1Volume 1 , features work from Northern Arizona Master’s students.



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