Issue VI Volume I Letter from the Editor

Greetings Readers,

Thank you once again for supporting a vision of literature that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. In our sixth year of publishing Four Ties Lit Review, the idea of having a central idea around which the magazine is organized has finally taken hold. While not all submissions were strictly “work” related, neither were all of the pieces we chose to publish. However, we do feel the issue has come together in a way previous issues of 4Ties did not.

Part of the coherence of this issue might be due to the response to our call for submissions. We were excited to see the sharp increase in submissions. We processed nearly six hundred individual submissions; two hundred and seventy-three of those contained over a thousand poems, two hundred fiction submissions, sixty-seven non-fiction submissions, and over two-hundred pieces of graphic art.

We are ecstatic with this issue’s results; Fiction that’ll make you laugh, Nonfiction that will surprise you, Poetry, and Graphic Art that will have your spirit soaring. Our contributors’ visions are inspiring. We can’t wait to have for you to read the issue.

This year we announced an open call for submissions of “Graphical Story Telling (visual narrative).” Unfortunately, the response was underwhelming. For the first time, we felt the quality of the submissions in the genre were below the magazine’s standards. However, we are still excited about this growing genre and will continue to search for quality visual storytelling in the future.

The challenges and rewards of bringing 4Ties to publication, combined with the fact that we can bring new and favorite Authors and Artist, to our audience, are what makes it so satisfying to do work on 4Ties. With this issue, we feel that publication has turned a corner and gained critical support. With the added interest comes opportunity, which may equate to additional work. In the coming year while we will continue to grow the publication we will also turn to our audience and community for support. The needs of this growing and vibrant publication have outgrown the current resources available to us. Stay tuned for ways you can help.

We thank you for supporting Four Ties Lit Review now and in the future.

Matthew W Larrimore