When on Vacation by Brad G Garber

When On Vacation

I forget to take the anti-cholesterol medication
sitting in the luggage, along with the other stuff
that is designed to lengthen my life, the one
where I bring in the money to fund the game.
My heart beats as strongly at these times
and my lungs still breathe in air, much better
than they do during the performance review.
What I do not forget to ingest is the medication
that causes my dick to stand on end like it did
when the threats to my long life were unknown
and naked women ran through endless fields.
My bare feet still feel the energy of the earth
and simple stones are the focus of my love.
Overhead, a golden eagle is looking for food
and I eat eggs and bacon and drink bourbon
my clothes scattered across the motel floor
my books open, filling the air with word dust.
I will not worry, these days, about the end
those three last days when I might think again
about what may have been gained, for I
am on vacation, the game’s conclusion my own.