Locker #27 in the Freehold Big Lots! Breakroom by Charles Lobaito

Locker #27 in the Freehold Big Lots! Breakroom

We hide our Donut Shop coffee & foam Solo Cups
In locker #27.  Along with Splenda & Coffee Mate
In locker #27.  Who needs lucky numbers when we
Have locker #27.  Locker #7 is Tim’s, with a Marines
Sticker plastered to the front, like a paintball grenade.

His 2nd son serves.  Tim took a vacation to see Lars
In Virginia & the DM demoted him for it.
It was a blackout week.  In retail terms: Thanksgiving.
Now, we need a new tattooed biker, furniture manager.
Would you like to apply?  Try online.

Locker #13 is Michelle’s.  She keeps it unlocked
For good luck.  The other day her black, Adidas
Jacket went missing, along with a pack of smokes.
She eventually found it, the jacket, in aisle 1 next to
The Wall of Big Deals.  Who did it?  No one knows.

The Staten Island, former Calvin Klein model didn’t mind.
(She’s cool like that: a magic ninja who can rap!)
This is why I keep my brass store keys in locker #27.
Along with a copy of Cuttlefish Bones in locker #27.
Would you like the combination to locker #27?

It’s: 28-34-20.  Remember: it is locker #27.
Go ahead, make a fresh, dark cup of jubilant coffee.
It’s on me.  There is no cash back guarantee.
You can use the Splenda, if you like.
I’m not a fan of the taste.