Interview with Author Adam Rose

Adam Rose’s piece Dividers has been one of the more popular pieces in Issue 4 of the magazine. We thought our readers would enjoy getting the inside scoop on Adam.

Adam Rose writes and teaches in Los Angeles. He has had work published by The Casserole, The Milo Review, Storychord and Reimagine magazine.

4Ties: Dividers is a character driven story. Tell us how you created / developed your two main characters Jim and Tanya.

Adam: Lots of people watching. I read about more and more couples that wanted to end their marriage but could not afford to…especially during the worst point in the recent recession. I took the idea of a couple that was not quite all the way out of love but far enough to have one of them trying to move on.

4Ties: “Dividers” walks a precarious line of using highly emotional content but doesn’t become maudlin; how do you manage this aspect in this story and in your writing in general (if you can make a generalization like that)?

Adam: Wow,that is a tough question. I think the answer has everything to do with my writing coming from a place of truth. The less of a filter I can have while writing the better. It might sound hokey but I try to let the characters speak for themselves.

4Ties: How do you normally find inspiration for you writing? If you’d like to tell us about the inspiration for “Dividers” that’d be great.

Adam: The illness element to Dividers comes from personal experience. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage IVB over seven years ago. It creeps into my writing from time to time. I also get a lot of inspiration from the work of other writers, music, and current events.

4Ties: Some writers have a strict writing routine. Have you been able to create one? What’s it like?

Adam: I have a six year old and a two year old so my writing comes whenever and wherever I can find the time. I carry a journal around, I’ll take notes on my phone, scraps of paper, wherever and whenever. I get the most done while writing in libraries.

4Ties: How long have you been writing? Tell us your process of becoming a better writer.

Adam: I’ve always enjoyed the process but I’ve been seriously focused on writing for the last twelve years. Writing workshops, revising and being open to the feedback of my peers helps my writing improve. Writing is like exercise for me…if I don’t write…I feel sluggish and depressed.

4Ties: Who are your favorite authors?

Adam: George Saunders, Cormac Mccarthy, Raymond Carver, Ernest Hemingway, Flannery O’Connor

4Ties: What are you reading right now?
Adam: Charles Yu’s “First Person Shooter”

4Ties: What kinds of projects are you working on now?

Adam: I wrapped up work on a novel and am in the middle of revising a new short story.

4Ties: If our readers want to see more of your writing, where can they find more of your work?

Adam: Some other short stories can be found with The Milo Review, Casserole, and Storychord. I have a story set to come out through Write Out Publishing. I also have some articles over at Reimagine Magazine and a piece at Tell Us a Story. I have an All Ages comic book series set to come out through Action Lab Entertainment.

4Ties: Thanks, Adam and good luck.