Interview with Artist Toni Martsoukos

Antoinette (Toni) Martsoukos is a Baltimore native. She grew up in South Baltimore and spent a lot of her childhood roaming around Fort McHenry. Toni is currently the Academic Program Coordinator at the University of Baltimore (UB) where she is also an adjunct instructor for a core UB course: Ethical Issues in Business and Society. She is a lover of live music and a foreign film enthusiast with previous experience creating, maintaining and updating the foreign film section for an independent video store for seven years. Toni has been cultivating a rapt interest in photography for the past two years. Most pictures are taken with her iPhone 4. Someday she aspires to purchase a fancy camera with all of the bells and whistles.

The journey to becoming any type of artist (amateur or professional) has many twists and turns. How did you become involved with photography?

My older sister, Rea, has been a big influence on my photography. She urged me to join a social networking site for photography called Instagram. I started an account there in November of 2010. My first photo was of a loaf of bread from the Greek festival. Since that time, I have uploaded 1758 photos to the site. I have learned so much from the photographers who upload their shots to the site.

How would you define your art work? i.e. on track to a professional career, a serious amateur etc…

I would say, at this point, I am a serious amateur. I try to take at least one photo a day.

Are you a self-taught photographer? Do you have a mentor? Are you taking classes? 

I am self-taught and I consider my older sister to be my mentor. She takes the prettiest shots and she’s been a serious amateur much longer than I have.

Do you have a routine or schedule for working on your art?

I would say that I enjoy editing the photos I take in the evening. It really helps me unwind and reflect on the day through the photo or photos I may have taken during the day.

Your work is very striking. Can you talk about your process and the equipment you use?

I use my iPhone 4 as my camera. I use 24 different editing applications and they really add to the enjoyment I experience in taking photos. My favorite applications are Snapseed and Photoshop.

Do you have a favorite photographer / artist?

I love Cindy Sherman’s work. Diane Arbus was such a unique and fearless artist.

Will you or how will you plan to advance you’re a career in photography? Do you have any projects you are working on? / What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I plan to continue to take at least one photo a day and would like to look into a photography course somewhere down the line. I recently purchased a Diana F+ camera and I look forward to working with lomography as a new medium.

Any advice for aspiring artist?

I would encourage aspiring artists to remember that practicing is fun. Try new things!  I believe that making mistakes helps you figure things out in a really fun way.

Thanks so much. Good Luck

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