Editorial Statement

Editorial Statement Regarding Epublishing

Electronic media and media outlets are now permanent parts of all our lives. Electronic publishing is a subject that causes controversy in the Publishing / Writing / Reading community.  No doubt the ease and relative low cost of quality epublishing, the difficulty with profit models associated with it and the proud traditions, but high costs of print media, will cause those controversies to be with our community for the foreseeable future. It is for this reason that Four Ties Lit Review believes that epublishers should be held to the highest standards possible. Each business, each business sector, for profit or not, must build their own reputation. There is no better way to establish a positive reputation than to begin with the highest standards possible. Therefore, with each decision Four Ties Lit Review will strive to meet the highest professional standards possible.

With this in mind it is Four Ties Lit Review policy to have each author guarantee the authenticity and originality of their work, that each author discloses the publication history of their work when previously published work is accepted, and each published author is highly encouraged to disclose Four Ties Lit Review as a publishing credit in the future. It is only through full discloser that some of the suspicion and worry regarding Epublishing can be assuaged. Only through working to improve our image can the epublishing gain the respect for itself and the authors who choose to publish there.

Matthew W Larrimore


Four Ties Lit Review

5 Responses to Editorial Statement

  1. I assume from your comments that previously published work is accepted. Is that correct?

    • Hey thanks for the question. Yes, we will consider publishing a limited number of previous published pieces. Last year we re-published 2 poems out of the 30 pieces in the review. For one we asked for revisions before we agreed to place it in the review. We want to fully give credit to the original publisher so please let us know if you are submitting previously published pieces. Thanks again.

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