Mini-Chap Review: “Wolf Inventory” By Zephyr Lisowski

Review by Erin Wahl

Zephyr Lisowski, Wolf Inventory. Ghost City Press. May 2018.

It’s fairly clear to me, that Zephyr Lisowski has written the book I really needed to read this week. It may be the book we all need to read this week. Lisowski has some valuable experience in the poetry world: on the staff at Apogee Journal with publications and a 2018 Pushcart Nomination. There was an animal hunger and longing in this book that pulled me through it with a thick horror. This book deals with sexual assault in a way that unsettled me. Not only did I get the perspective of the victim, but also an eerie knowledge of “wolf”. I felt that terrible hunger from both sides and it was alarming, to say the least. Wolf Inventory catalogs the narrator’s experience “Who am I to even/remember these stories?: a fact just means what’s left when the skin/peels away. Is that right?” Be prepared to feel a good dose of anger when you read these poems; when it is suggested that this narrator’s experiences are merely: “a conflagration/of “boys being boys” and my own propensity to “invite violation.” Look: I/synapse, I butterfly twitch. My body with so many turns it surprises even/me.” Any book that can make me feel as if someone was exhaling hot breath on the back of my neck the whole time I read it, pressing their weight down on me, is truly doing something disturbing and amazing. To read this book is to explode out of comfort and into a certain kind of darkness. As for me, I’m ready to go wolf hunting.


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