Mini-Chap Review: “Casserole” by Sara Adams

Reviewed by Erin Wahl

Sara Adams Casserole. Ghost City Press. May 2018.

Sara Adam’s book Casserole was first out of the gates in Ghost City Press’ lineup this summer. That is a pretty intimidating place to be and Adams’ book was perhaps the perfect choice. Adams has a very respectable publication history both print and online, with a handful of chapbooks (and one very interesting Twilight parody) under her belt. Casserole is erasure poetry from Stephen King’s book Cujo. If you’ve never dove into erasure poetry before, this is the book for you. I consider this to be, besides a well-crafted book, a book that is very accessible for a lot of different readers. First, I like the choice of erasure medium (glitter), particularly when juxtaposed with the original text of the erasure poems. I think this was a smart artistic choice on the part of the poet. I really loved the surprise of each poem. Adams took me to a completely different place from where I began and I was truly and deeply disappointed by the end of the book, that it was over already. As a Midwesterner, I like the choice of title (more casserole for everyone, in every context), and this idea of a dish mixed up and baked together really run through the book as well. I saw emptiness and fullness: “So you thought you’d fill up/but she/had/casserole”, and monstrosity: “his hair/the music of screams”. I began the book fully engrossed in this connection between poem and original text and by the end I’d totally forgotten about the latter, loving the poems minus the connection to King’s text. I have already gone back to reread it several times.



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