An Open Letter to Four Ties Lit Review Readers, Contributors, and Editors

Since Volume 1 Issue 2, Four Ties Lit Review has relied solely on open calls for submission and reading from the “slush pile” to find the content for each new Issue and Volume. And we’re proud of that fact. We’ve always felt finding pieces for our magazine this way and using quality writing as our only measuring stick to find Intelligent and entertaining pieces to publish democratizes the magazine in a way that enhances the publication. We have always fought against the impulse to contact our talented friends and ask them to send us work or to email the artist of the moment and ask for a submission. Of course, we read any submission sent to us with an open mind but we’ve resisted using those personal resources to directly ask for submissions because there is a problem with utilizing those resources in that way. Relying on our own networks and our own tastes, even with a diverse staff, can create a kind of homogeneity in the magazine that we’ve always wanted to avoid. For the most part, we have been successful. 4Ties gets submissions from high school students to retired PhDs. We’ve received submission from across the English speaking world, and we’ve published pieces from folks who live in Australia, India, Canada, England, Italy (Ok we know India and Italy are not English speaking countries, but the point remains) and more, not to mention we hear from and publish writers from all parts of the United States.

A few years ago 4Ties began directly emailing institutions, mostly MFA programs, and asking them to forward our open call for submission to their students and staff. We purposely did not include schools in cities that have thriving writing scenes, New York, Los Angles, and Chicago for example. The folks from those places are perhaps over-represented in the publishing world.  This year when we open to submissions on April 20th, We’ll begin a new initiative to further diversify the pool of authors we notify about our open submission period. We’ll make contacts at Historically Black Universities and Native American Institutions. We’ll connect to BFA, AFA, and certificate programs (Yes, there is a such thing as an AFA). Not to mention, we’ll make efforts to contact community writing centers so that their students also can have the opportunity to submit to 4Ties.

We value including diverse voices among 4Ties Authors and Artists, and we know that addressing diversity in our magazine is not an issue that we can solve on one Monday afternoon in April, but we are committed to the process of making 4Ties more inviting and more diverse. We believe it will only improve the magazine, but we’ll need your help along the way so please contact us with your input and ideas. Embracing diversity is an issue in our society on which everyone needs to contribute. We look forward to hearing from you.

Write On

Matt Larrimore

Editor in Chief

Four Ties Lit Review

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