The Authors and Artists Speak Part IV

Meagan Lucas tells us about how place helps her find inspiration and how her experiences on St Joseph’s Island in Ontario Canada help shape Lindsey’s danger fraught journey in Cola Colored Bubbles.

Konstantin Rega gives us his notes on his poem “A Painting of Hiroshima ’45”


“A Painting of Hiroshima ’45” is about the beauty of decay being reborn as a new identity or reinvigorated by that ever so determined idea, belonging to the human spirit, of hope. The imagery in the poem is quick, going in swift procession, giving the reader an idea of dropping through the page—symbolizing the H-Bomb that slipped down through the sky. “A Painting of Hiroshima ’45” also shows the narrator, an artist, a painter, describing what he sees, though not what he exactly is painting at the time of his narration, though ironically it is what he paints through his words, with the sharing of this poem, of his history. The world is discovered history is made by poets and painters recording what they see and hear, and this idea is shown by the final stanza about some other artist painting “the narrator’s” corpse. The point of my poem is to illustrate the power and necessity of artists and, also, the need to preserve the past.

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