Author’s and Artists Speak Part II

Poet John Stupp introduces and reads us his piece Thunderbird.

Catherine Roberts Leach gives us her notes on how she created photographs like Worker 1 and Worker 3.

In Pursuit of Anonymous Moments

Most of the time I photograph outside in public. Sometimes I am inside, looking out. I hunt for the moments when my subjects are unaware of my presence, when I can see them, if not always their faces. My camera, therefore, can’t spoil the moment, or intrude into their thoughts. These people who I do not know, and who do not know me, are going about their business, inviting nothing, least of all me. Later, viewers of the photographs may imagine the faces of the subjects, and what inhabits their minds at that moment, or they may embrace the anonymity.

Since I never pose or do set-ups, I must rely on opportunity to give me one more chance to capture the anonymous moment.

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