The Authors and Artists Speak

Now we’d like to give our readers the opportunity to hear directly from our contributors. What does their story sound like in their voice? What do they think about what they’ve submitted? Let’s find out, they have a lot to say about their work, so listen up.


Go to Work Invocation in Tsalagi (Cherokee)
By Ginger Strivelli

N-gee-doh nu-doh (Sister Moon)
Ah-doh-da nu-doh (Father Sun)
Ka-na-ne-ski E-li-si (Spider Grandmother)
E-gee-nu-tlee A-gah-sga (Brother Rain)
Al-ay U-ni-tsi E-lo-hi-noh (Mother Earth)
Gee-yu-ha Ah-da-nu-doh ( Come into my heart)
A-lay Its-ee-goh I-lu-wis-dane-oh-i (and go to work)

Our invocation poem is “Go to Work Invocation in Tsalagi (Cherokee)” by Ginger Strivelli. Ginger notes that while she is not a native speaker she has studied the language extensively and uses the language in her poetry.  The poem is phonetically spelled so that the reader might hear the piece in the language that inspired it.

Tsalagi Gawonihisdi is spoken by the tribe that was originally known as the Aniyunwiya.  Cherokee is the name given to that tribe by the Creek Tribe. The Cherokee were victims of the infamous historical event known as the “Trail of Tears.” Ginger set the following graphic as an accompaniment piece for the poem.


Back Cover Art

Factory I by Jenn Powers

Jenn Powers sent us the following recording about her photograph. Factory I is featured in our Art Gallery and will be a fitting back cover image for the ePub version of the magazine.

updated 8.10.17 3:20pm


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2 Responses to The Authors and Artists Speak

  1. David says:

    I thought you would play the Cherokee poem to be heard. Am I wrong?

    • Thanks for the question David. We would love to have such a recording. As Ginger Strivelli states she is not a native speaker and neither are any of our editors here at 4Ties we’ll have look into finding a native speaker to recite the poem for our readers. Thanks for the request.

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