Non-Fiction Posted!

We have just posted the Non-Fiction for Issue VI Volume I! Melissa Tombro’s piece Blue Elastic Pants is the story of working toward selling off a lifetime’s collection of “treasures.” Ian Rogers’s narrator in Painting’s Just My Day Job works on re-realizing the value of all kinds of work. Thanks and congratulations to Melissa Tombro and Ian Rogers! You’ll love both authors’ well written, insightful explorations of self-(re)discovery.

Additionally, we have chosen the art for the Non-Fiction title page. Thanks and congratulations to Pat St Pierre for “Yummy” We love the way the scruffy headed sheep stares into the camera. And we couldn’t begin to put Issue VI together without picking the Cover Art. Thanks to Christopher Nelson for Is Everything Going to be OK not only are the four necktied suits captivating (and very appropriate for our review and the theme) but we love the suggestion of a post apocalyptical environment in the background. Thank you, one and all. More Updates and postings to come.


Updated 8/2/17 12:22am

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