Update and a New Feature

We’re less than halfway through our open submission period and we’ve received over 200 submissions for issue VI! There were over 3500 pages viewed by 1100 visitors from the last week in April through last week. Thank you for the support. We still have some new book reviews and a couple of new features to debut before the new issue.

The first new feature is a database of literary awards…

Many question the value of literary awards. Our community is flush with acts of literary genius just from last few years/decades, not to mention the centuries-old history of English publication. There is always something important/amazing that we still haven’t read yet. But tastes change and keeping abreast of the most current trends in what is seen as the current pinnacle in writing is of great import to many writers and readers.

Worldwide there are hundreds of literary awards and prizes, so many that not only is it impossible to keep track of who has won which award in the last year but anticipating even the major awards takes a serious act of calendar and schedule keeping.  However, being ignorant of who the award winners are or having your knowledge subject to random acts of the fickle media seems unacceptable. So we here at 4Ties felt it behooved us and would be a service to our audience to keep track of at least when the major awards were given and who their current winners are.

We’ve started off with the major American Literary Awards linked here. We’ve captured just a few to start. There are so many awards in just this limited category it’ll take us several updates to achieve a comprehensive list. We’ll update you as the list grows.

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