One This Date…

On May 22nd 1859, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh Scotland.  While, he’s best known for the “Sherlock Holmes” stories and novels, that’s not all he wrote. The Strand Magazine serialized many of his “Sherlock Holmes” stories between March of 1891 and April of 1927. There were 4 Holmes novels and 4 Holmes short story collections published during Doyle’s lifetime. Doyle’s royalties supplemented his work as a physician and ophthalmologist. But he also kept goal for Portsmouth Association Football Club (soccer). He also fought to free the unjustly imprisoned, and to reform, what would become known as, the Belgian Congo.

So, what’s the secret to 4Ties’ success? It’s elementary dear reader, 4Ties is successful because of our readers. Thanks.

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