Video Poem!

4Ties Artist Alex Nodopaka reads his poem The Nature of Buddha

Alex’s art piece for 4Ties is here.


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1 Response to Video Poem!

  1. And the cleaned written version. It’s so satisfying to listen to one’s own voice, I feel Buddha!… aha!

    Those who have spent ten or twenty years brushing aside the weeds looking for the way and yet have not see the Buddha nature often say they are trapped by oblivion and excitement. What they don’t realize is that the substance of this very oblivion and excitement is itself Buddha nature.


    The Nature of Buddha

    Sweeping the staircase steps
    one after the other downward
    counting dead leaves
    I imagine my arms to be branches

    that wrap my waist over and over
    with a longer and longer sash.
    I imagine myself a fat tree trunk
    Assigning the leafy detritus

    into the organic compost bin
    I imagine myself a fungus.
    And when the mushrooms,
    delicately sautéed and digested

    I imagine a satiated non-deity
    squatting behind that tree
    trapped by oblivion but thrilled
    by Buddha nature.

    Alex Nodopaka

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