1st set of rejections…

If you are among the more then three dozen poets who received a rejection letter via email from Four Ties this morning, please understand a few things. We appreciate your submission and support.  It is always hard to reject anyone who has put a part of them self on the line, it’s obviously not fun for anyone. Also, we had a marvelous response to this years call for submissions. We received 280 poems from more then 80 poets. We will be publishing less then 20 poems. The level of submissions was very high and while that excites and pleases us it also means the competition to get published is stiff. While you are the first set of rejection letters you will not be last or even the only poets receiving similar letters from FTRL.  Good luck to you all and  once again thank you for your support.

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2 Responses to 1st set of rejections…

  1. eriksvehaug says:

    Embarassingly, I cannot tell if this is a rejection letter, or a message posted to the general blog that addresses all those (maybe including me) that received this notice. Was this the rejection note, or was there another earlier note? Put more optimistically, are you still considering my piece? Blunt is okay, in the service of art, I think. Adult on this end! thanks, Erik

    • Erik,
      Thank you for the note. I’m sure more then one reader / submitter had the same doubts. That blog post was intended for FTLR’s general audience. It accompanied the rejection emails I sent at the same time. Be assured, we are in the process of sending individualized emails to each and every submitter. To this point we have only sent rejection emails to those individuals who submitted Poetry and Non-fiction.

      In the interest of openness (if not art) I will say that your submission of Fiction was very strong. We are considering 10 pieces of fiction (your is one) for the 3 or 4 fiction pieces that will be published in this year’s issue. I will be sending the other 70 fiction authors rejection letters later today or first thing tomorrow.

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