Editorial Changes

Change is always hard, but frequently it allows us to grow in unexpected ways.

At the inception of this year’s issue we hoped that Four Ties Lit Review would grow beyond previous issues. With that in mind we introduced a suggested theme. “Work” defined in its broadest terms seemed universal and inclusive. The response has been wonderful and robust; fortunately, that reaction was not totally unexpected. We were able to recruit additional assistance in reading submissions and editing. Including myself there are now eight individuals reading and making decisions about this year’s magazine.

We added an editorial position, Art Editor.  Molly Wilson last year’s Non-Fiction Editor agreed to become our Art Editor. Molly has a great eye and is an accomplished amateur photographer herself. Lauren Milligan a recent Master’s graduate from Northern Arizona University takes over for Molly as the Non-Fiction Editor.

I trust all of these individuals and their training. Without their help the success of FTLR would be in serious question. An update to the About the Editors page is forthcoming.

Matthew W Larrimore


Four Ties Lit Review

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2 Responses to Editorial Changes

  1. Lauren Milligan says:

    There’s a small typo in my last name, but that’s okay; I’ll give you a mulligan!

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