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Khara House

Author Bio:

Khara House is a poet, freelance writer/editor, and educator. Originally from Pennsylvania, she currently lives and teaches in Arizona. Khara received her Master’s in English with a Creative Writing (Poetry) emphasis from Northern Arizona University. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in publications including The Atomy and Bluestem.

Khara’s Four Ties Lit Review poetry is here.

Author Blog / Site:

Our Lost Jungle is at

What’s cool about it:

Khara is the consummate poet and blogs about poetry and writing poetry, both her own and others’. She posts frequent updates and gives her readers lots of resources on writing.

Brian Anderson

Author Bio:

Brian Anderson is a writer from rural Colorado. Brian’s writing has previously been featured in Touchstones Literary MagazinePrick of the SpindleApropos, and a variety of other literary journals.  His plays have been produced by Theatrikos Theater Company.  He has just graduated with a MA in creative writing at Northern Arizona University.  Brian uses humor to explore everything from marriage and self-delusion to sexuality and religion.

Brian’s Four Ties Lit Review non-ficiton piece is here.

Author Blog / Site:

Brian Wade Anderson is at

What’s cool about it:

Brian’s blog is full of his experiences as a writer and student.  His witty sense of humor takes center stage in most of his writing.  You’ll never fail to be treated to a chuckle or full-on belly laugh when reading Brian’s blog.

Lydia Paar

Author Bio:

Lydia Paar is a native of Portland, Oregon.  She received her MA from Northern Arizona University and makes her home in Flagstaff, Arizona.  She wants to start an art colony there.

Lydia’s Four Ties Lit Review piece of fiction is here.

Author Blog / Site:

Definitely Maybe is at

What’s cool about it:

Besides being an excellent writer of fiction and poetry, (samples of her writing can be found on her blog Definitely Maybe,) Lydia is a budding entrepreneur.  Her website features her hand-crafted jewelry,will soon exhibit her visual art, and tell of her efforts to establish a Northern Arizona Arts Residency.

John Hitzel

Author Bio:

John Hitzel is currently finishing a Master’s Degree with an emphasis in Creative Writing, Poetry, at Northern Arizona University. He is a reader for NAU’s Thin Air magazine. His poems have been published previously in Windfall magazine.

John’s Four Ties Lit Review poetry is here.

Author Blog / Site:

Air A Shadow In Shade is at

What’s cool about it:

John’s blog is an introspective look at his aesthetic and philosophy regarding the writing of poetry (primarily).  John uses his blog to get inside of his own head and in doing so gives his reader real insight into the art of writing.

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