Open Submission period announced !!!

We’ll be accepting submissions from May 5th – June 6th for Issue VI

More details: Submit!

Last Summer’s Issue Issue 5 Volume 1

Archive of all issues: Previous Issue Archive

Our  Reviews

Book Review “Micrograms” by Nicole Walker

Book Review: Blood Flower by Pamela Uschuk

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Our interview archive here.


Authors and Artists Speak

The Authors and Artists Speak




13 Responses to Home

  1. Ned Randle says:

    Coffeetown Press, Seattle, will release my collection RUNNING AT NIGHT- Collected Poems 1976-2012 on April 1st. I was wondering if you or someome else at Four Ties would be interested in doing a review.
    If so, please provide a name and address and the publisher will send a review copy.
    Ned Randle

  2. Matt, I found the website very well organized and easy to access. I like being able to skip from the contents directly to the section I wanted to read. Thank you for recognizing Maya Angelou. She was an incredible woman and poet.
    I enjoyed the section on poetry. Art work was colorful.

  3. Hope says:

    I recently submitted to this publication, and was wondering how long is after open submissions end that writers are notified if there work is accepted or not?

    • Thanks for asking Hope. The open submission period closes tomorrow; we hope to have everything read in the next two weeks. After that, folks who have not make the cut will be notified first and fastest, followed by the accepted authors, and finally the few maybes we keep in reserve. I hope to have the new issue complete published online by August 1st.

  4. Hope says:

    How many authors do you generally accept per genre?

  5. Hope says:

    I was wondering when will authors be notified of the status of their work in Four ties Lit Review?

  6. Ok, we’re a week late. But all notifications have been sent and we are for the most part posted. Just About the Authors and About the Editors Pages to get to.

  7. your method of notification sucks

    • Sorry John, thanks for the feedback. Let us know how we could do better.

      • We emailed John the incorrect response letter with his notification, which I’m sure cause more than a little confused. I have privately contacted John and I know why and how the error happened and am making changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Always learn from your mistakes.

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