Issue 4 Volume 1

New Fiction is Here! 

Open Submission Period: Closed

Four Ties Lit Review is closed to submissions as of June 26th at mid-night for Issue 4 Vol 1. The majority of  authors have been notified as to our decisions on this issues submissions / publications. A limited number of notifications will be sent soon. Thank you for all of the support for the upcoming issue.

While you’re here check out our our archived issues including Four Ties Lit Review Issue 3 Volume 1 Reader

Our Newest Reviews

Book Review: My Favorite Tyrants by Joanne Diaz

Book Review: This Island of Dogs by Elliot Khalil Wilson


New interviews are here.

Issue 3 Volume 1

Has been Archived! But it can be found here Four Ties Lit Review Issue 3 Volume 1 FullScreen or here Four Ties Lit Review Issue 3 Volume 1 Reader depending on if you prefer a full page or reader version of the PDF

Check out our Reviews

This Island of Dogs by Elliot Khalil Wilson

Plyla of Joy by Karen An-Hwei

When my Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz

Baxter’s Friends by Ned Randle 

Survival Skills by Jean Ryan Review by Robert Keegan

Running at Night by Ned Randle  This Noisy Egg by Nicole Walker

Thrall by Natasha Trethewey Review from Our Lost Jungle, K. House

Master of Disguises by Charles Simic 

news of the world  by Phillip Levine

9 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Matt-
    Coffeetown Press, Seattle, will release my collection RUNNING AT NIGHT- Collected Poems 1976-2012 on April 1st. I was wondering if you or someome else at Four Ties would be interested in doing a review.
    If so, please provide a name and address and the publisher will send a review copy.
    Ned Randle

  2. Matt, I found the website very well organized and easy to access. I like being able to skip from the contents directly to the section I wanted to read. Thank you for recognizing Maya Angelou. She was an incredible woman and poet.
    I enjoyed the section on poetry. Art work was colorful.

  3. I recently submitted to this publication, and was wondering how long is after open submissions end that writers are notified if there work is accepted or not?

    • Thanks for asking Hope. The open submission period closes tomorrow; we hope to have everything read in the next two weeks. After that, folks who have not make the cut will be notified first and fastest, followed by the accepted authors, and finally the few maybes we keep in reserve. I hope to have the new issue complete published online by August 1st.

  4. How many authors do you generally accept per genre?

  5. Matt–
    I was wondering when will authors be notified of the status of their work in Four ties Lit Review?

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